Space Stretch® MAX

Designed for training in weightlessness conditions, Space Stretch® Max exercise gum perfectly fits earthly conditions as well. It gives you resistance training on 8 muscle groups. Ideal both for personal training at home or in a hotel or in the fresh air.

It's an exercise gum that takes little space and is almost weightless. The bridge construction allows for a comfy training with individual choice of loads and the use of optional Space Bar gives you the possibility of diversifying your exercises even more.

two different hole diameters
high quality elastomer
four barbell's openings
easy to clean

to touch

safe for the skin and with comfortable handles

a bride

increases the strength and safety

a comfortable
scheme of handles

allows to individual selection and increasing weight

four holes for a Space Bar

safely holding the bar


for variety of exercises

Meet your 
new fitness club

You no longer need to leave the house in order to carry out full training for all muscle groups. You don't have to queue for the device any more. You can do the whole training whenever and wherever you want. With Space Stretch there are no compromises necessary.

Total body

Train by yourself or in pairs with a dedicated Space Bar stick or without it. You will find exercises for all body parts in our training application.

over 100

Space Stretch design - 2 diameters of holes, bridge design and comfortable grips will make it possible for the device to adjust to your body, while allowing you to perform over 100 different exercises.

Space bar - bar, that takes your Space Stretch training possibilities to a new level by 100%

Space Bar

Space bar - specially designed bar for Space Stretch is made of high quality aluminium. It is rigid and durable. It does not bend during exercises and it can carry loads up to the maximum of 150 kg. It has special mounting adjusted to the silicone Space Stretch meshes thanks to which you can put it on and off in no time. However, its greatest advantage is being easily disassembled so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

G-wall APP

G-wall App included

Dedicated application for training with Space Stretch® and Space Bar. All body parts and training for professionals, intermediate users and beginners. In addition, training with nine different accessories for nine body parts. Everything presented in an attractive form along with a voice guide to exercises. Moreover, fitness tracker with your history of trainings and all that in one, simple app.


Space Stretch Max®, thanks to its comprehensive use, allows you to perform functional, group and personal training. Exercises prepared by Gipara team allows developing up to 8 muscles group during one training. Versatility of the Space Stretch® Max is equal to the training possibilities of whole fitness club.

Space Stretch Max €32,33

Free access to the application for 3 months

Space Set plus (SS Max + 108 cm bar) €133,46

Free access to the application for 3 months

Space Bar plus (108 cm) €106,71

Free access to the application for 3 months

Space Set (SS Max + 58 cm bar) €106,71

Free access to the application for 3 months

Space Bar (58 cm) €66,59

Free access to the application for 3 months



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